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jUSTImagine...shorter lines, fewer phone calls, applications typed and already in your computer system before you have to work with them, money going directly to your bank account and receipts going directly to your customers without you ever having to touch it. eCommerce, the facilitation of transactions between your city, county, municipality, town or village and the people you interact with (both up and down the line) is a reality today. Many of USTI's applications are currently web-enabled, and more are on the way.

First, you need a Web Site. Without it, there's no place for all these exciting things to take place. That's why USTI has developed a collection of products and services that we're calling our jUSTInter.net family. jUSTInter.net is the foundation upon which all of these opportunities to offer more convenience and cost savings to your constituents and customers, while at the same time, increasing your productivity and reducing costs, rests. Just like with our asyst software family, the jUSTInter.net family of products and services will grow over time. Click on the options to the left for more information about what we are currently offering.

As USTI continues to web-enable its applications, many of the transactions you conduct over the telephone and in person will be conducted over the Internet, at times and places much more convenient to your constituents and at a lower cost to you. So get ready for the coming Communication Revolution. Call about jUSTInter.net today!

Take a look at the City of Progress demo web site at http://www.progress.tx.citygovt.org

Click here to download printable information about the available jUSTInter.net products and services.

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